Healthy Aging WEBINAR

Healthy Aging WEBINAR

On September 24th, Covington Capital Management hosted "Healthy Aging", a webinar where we discussed these components of healthy aging:

  • Your physical, intellectual, and emotional well being
  • Practical advice regarding in-home care vs. care facilities
  • How to recognize and get help for cognitive decline
  • How to financially plan for your future health needs

Speakers included Dr. Edward Schneider, former Dean of the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology at USC and a respected leader in the field of gerontology for more than four decades. Molly Forrest, former CEO of the Jewish Home and current President of the Jewish Home Foundation.  Leah Buturain, a gerontologist and theologian who specializes in spirituality and aging, and has been a professor at USC’s Leonard Davis School of Gerontology for over twenty years.  Todd Walklett, CFA, CFP®, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Covington.

Please click here for a list of resources related to health care and caregiving.

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