Covid-19, Vaccinations and Testing

Covid-19, Vaccinations and Testing


Covid-19 has drastically changed the way we live as a society.  We have anxiously been waiting for a vaccination so we can return to some sort of normalcy.  Now that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations have been approved, and are being distributed, many people have questions.  Am I eligible for the vaccination?  If I’m not, how long will I have to wait?  How do I make an appointment?  Where are the vaccination locations?  Information is changing weekly, if not daily.  In an effort to help answer your questions, from a source you trust, we provided the below links with information for both vaccinations and testing by county in Southern California. If you live outside of Southern California, we recommend checking your county’s health department's website for testing and vaccination information. Please also be sure to sign up for your county’s email updates, as they will release information about vaccination availability.  

General Information – CDC Website

LA County

Orange County

Riverside University Health System

San Diego County

Ventura County

Unfortunately, as with most things in life, there are always scams to be aware of.  Some things to keep in mind:

·         Paying for priority access or paying to be on a waitlist – Guidelines are set by each state on who is eligible to receive the vaccination and at what time.  No one is able to jump the line, nor pay to be on a waitlist.  While there may be waitlists, you will not have to pay to be placed on one.

·         Paying for the vaccine – The federal government has written into bill that the vaccine will pose no cost to Americans.

·         Requiring a virus test or antibody before receiving the vaccine – You do not need proof of a COVID test to receive the vaccine.

·         Getting the vaccine shipped to you – The vaccine is only shipped to medical centers and pharmacies involved in the rollout.

·         Unsolicited calls, emails or texts – Scammers might ask for personal and medical information to find out if you are eligible for the vaccine.  Do not give out your information.  Everyone is eligible to receive the vaccine.

We hope these tips and links provide a good source of information to keep you safe and on your way to being vaccinated.